BOR Upper Colorado region:  http://www.usbr.gov/uc/
City of Aztec:  http://www.aztecnm.gov/ 
City of Bloomfield:  http://www.bloomfieldnm.com/
City of Farmington:  http://www.fmtn.org/
Colorado River Water Users Association:  http://www.crwua.org/
New Mexico Enviromental Department:  https://www.env.nm.gov/
New Mexico Legislature:  https://www.nmlegis.gov/
New Mexico Rural Water Association:  http://www.nmrwa.org/
New Mexico Office of the State Engineer:  http://www.ose.state.nm.us/
New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute:  http://www.wrri.nmsu.edu/
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:  http://www.noaa.gov/
Natural Resourcees Conservation Service (SNOTEL):  http://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/snow/
San Juan County:  http://www.sjcounty.net/
State of New Mexico:  http://www.newmexico.gov/
U.S. Congress:  https://www.congress.gov/